More Than A Literary Festival
Artist / Narrator(s):
Penelope Spencer
Year: 2021
Category: Dragonzilla's Storytime
Tags: Dramatised Storytelling

The Vagrant’s Secret

The Vagrant’s Secret, performed by actor and storyteller Penelope Spencer, is a story written by children of San Fernando on the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest storytelling caravan. Dragonzilla’s Storytime is a series where stories written by children on our storytelling caravan are dramatised by Trinidad & Tobago’s best storytellers and orators. The Vagrant’s Secret was created on the caravan by: Jade Apnaldy, Robyn Chambers, Keidra Cuffie, Kenya Cuffie, Rehanna Cuffie, Mikhel Gobin, Matthew Gobin, Laan Gomez, Cayden Harrilal, Marc Harrilal, Mercedes Jervis, Ianthe Mendoza, Idonia Mendoza, Sapphire Mendoza, Azariah Rahaman, Anusha Saha, Jadyn Toussaint, Maya Toussaint, Tricia Toussaint, Trevor J. Wright, Carissa S. Wright.

Dragonzilla is the mascot of the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest. This smiling friendly dragon lives in the Bocas del Dragón (Dragon’s Mouths) in the Gulf of Paria, but comes out to visit children who take part in the Children’s Storytelling Caravan, helping them to develop a love for reading, writing and storytelling.