More Than A Literary Festival
Artist / Narrator(s):
Felix Edinborough
Year: 2021
Category: Dragonzilla's Animated Stories
Tags: Animation, Children's Story

Lost in Jouvert

In this special Carnival edition of the our animated storytelling series, Anya discovers blue devils, a bookman, fancy sailors and more but gets lost among the crowd of revellers during her first visit to the Jouvert festivities in Trinidad and Tobago. “Lost in Jouvert” is a story written by the children of Port of Spain during the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest Storytelling Caravan. Every year our storytellers encourage children in our storytelling caravan to create their own stories based on a suggested title. All the creative ideas from the different storytelling sessions are recorded and published in a book with the children credited as the authors – encouraging our writers of the future! Find out more about the children’s storytelling caravan here: