More Than A Literary Festival
Artist / Narrator(s):
Aaron Duncan
Desryn Collins
Aija Jerome
Year: 2022
Category: 2022
Tags: Calypso, Caribbean Book, Children's Book, For Kids, Meet the Author, Music, Read Aloud

“How to become a Calypsonian”: Storytime with the Mighty Glen Glen

Do you love to sing and dance? Do you like to put on a good show? And how do you feel about glitzy costumes? Follow the six steps in the book How to Become a Calypsonian by Desryn Collins (Collins Big Cat) and the calypso crown could be in your reach! Join the Mighty Glen Glen — narrated by actor Aija Jerome — for a book read-aloud, and meet musician Aaron Duncan, who started his career in Junior Calypso Monarch!